It’s NOT you it’s ME

So Kate and baldy didn’t hit it off. She had to break it off. Here in lies another fundamental difference between many men and women – the fact that many women actually feel badly about rejecting a person.  Typically, if a guy you went on a date with (even if it was the most amazing date ever) did not want to see you anymore he would either (1) not talk to you again; or (2) Ignore you.  Kate, on the other hand, considered baldy’s feelings before – and she stressed (if only a little) on what exactly to say – before giving him the ax.  At least Kate had the courtesy and respect for him to say “It’s not you, it’s me..”  There can be no ambiguity for baldy. He is free to move on to someone else.  No one likes rejection whether you are giving or receiving it – but it takes a real woman (and real man for that matter)– to politely let someone down. Thank you Kate for doing the right thing by showing respect to baldy so he can move on.


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