It’s NOT easy to put yourself out there

Kate may have not hit a home run at her first at bat, but I am really impressed that she put herself out there and gave both guys a fair chance. Dating is not easy. Dating in theory sounds like a reasonable concept. You attend an event of some sort and try to determine if you would like to attend another event with this person again in the future. I guess that is dating explained in the most simplest of terms. However, people are complex. People have thoughts, feelings, fears, and expectations.  Plus, like all human interactions there are multiple interpretations of what actually was communicated on a date. I mean you could think one thing, he could think something completely different.  The point is that Kate went on not only one date, but two.  It is hard to meet a brand new person and be charming especially after a long day of work and any other drama that follows you.  Kate accomplished step one now the trick is to persevere through those bad dates and hope to find a really good date that will lead to other dates and hopefully more!


One thought on “It’s NOT easy to put yourself out there

  1. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, and now that Kate is ready to start kissing she is going to find a prince in no time 🙂 I have kissed 115 frogs to date, so my prince has to be around the corner!

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