I’m Back (It’s Me Kate)

So it’s hard to keep up with letting the world know about your dating life in between work and school.  But it is time to catch up and give a little insight to date #2 with baldy.  I figured he was worth giving another shot, until the date started.  The more and more he started talking the more and more I realized I couldn’t get over his nasally voice.  I know I’m not perfect, so I try and be open to giving these guys the benefit of the doubt, but that wouldn’t last with me.  It sounded as if he may not be interested in women, if you get my drift. 

So we order dinner and drinks and he proceeds to ask me if I am a beer drinker because I happened to order a beer that night.  I replied that I do not stick with one type of drink and that I had a gin and tonic on our last night.  At which he said, “oh that’s right, I may have judged you on that because you didn’t specify what type of gin you preferred.”  I was counting the minutes to get out of there at that point.  The bus boy got him back for that comment though as he bumped into the table and spilled my date’s drink all over him so it looked like he wet his pants.  I did have a little pity for him, needless to say I did not go out on another date with him.

Now I’m moving on to shorty.  Shorty is very nice and probably the most normal guy I met from online yet.  I have to keep asking myself, do I just settle and not wear heels ever when around him? or do I keep searching for Mr. Right, because who doesn’t want to wear heels?


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