Mama Bear is Out of Hibernation!

Yyyyyaaaawwwwnnnnn!  Well I had a nice rest over these past long, unbearable, freezing cold Winter months and mama bear is ready to play.  It was a nice break from the dating scene while I concentrated on school work and focused my attention towards eventually seeing warm weather again.  However, I knew that it would have to come to an end and that I would need to get back on my feet and continue the search.  All of this searching is exhausting though and I wish that I could be a boring married couple already.  Then it would be perfectly fine for me to sit in on a Friday night and do absolutely nothing.  But my life is not there yet, I was dealt a different path and was put on this earth for a different reason, not the one that I was hoping for….to have 5 children.  How am I supposed to have 5 children now?  I’ll be lucky if I have even one.  Enough complaining, I’m sure everyone is anxious to hear what stage in the dating world I am today.  Well don’t hold your breath.  Coming out of hibernation is going to take some time.  I had one online prospect who I was starting to get excited about.  We started going through the beginning “stages” of communication until we got to the email part.  We finally get to delve into a conversation and get to know more about one another, and all of a sudden I don’t hear from him.  It seems almost like a game at this point.  That every instance is going to be the same and I can just call right from the get go.  I WILL NOT GIVE UP HOPE, I WILL NOT GIVE UP HOPE!


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