Via Text

“He asked me out,” she said, “via text.” The text message the modern way to speak to one another or the lazy way for men or woman to obviate their role in any way shape or form of courting. I understand the text message – its simple – its fast – you actually do not have to take time out of whatever it is you are doing to actually connect with a person. It’s annoying in the dating scene especially in the early stages. What happened to actually using the phone to call someone? I am a firm believer that an actual conversation (on the phone using your voice) versus a text message conversation is the only way to go when you are starting to date someone. Of course, that expectation is completely absurd today. However, if you are truly serious about trying to get to know someone and actually build a relationship with that person, you can’t only communicate via text. This “rule” (I guess) is applicable to both ladies and gentlemen. If you are texting whole conversations – paragraphs upon paragraphs – without ever talking on the phone occasionally –then you are not communicating and giving your full attention to this person that you “theoretically” may want to be with for forever or something along those lines.

Only texting is lazy. Yes, I said it. Lazy. Pick up the phone, pick up the phone. The phone believe it or not is far superior to the text message. You can actually gage someone’s tone and expression. You can familiarize yourself with a person’s laugh and sense humor – quicker and more efficiently. Also, you are more likely to be able to gage if you actually are into someone.

A phone conversation demonstrates to your potential lovemate that you are not so busy to devote your full attention to that person. There is no prerequisite that the telephone conversations need to be epic marathons. Fifteen or twenty minutes is just fine. I know that calling someone on the phone is hard. I personally hate the phone. I am not the biggest fan of phone conversations in general – however – there are times when it is the best way to communicate and get your point across. Do not be afraid to talk and not just text.




One thought on “Via Text

  1. I concur text messaging is lazy. It is the lowest form of communication and requires little to no effort. What’s worse is that when a man actually skips texting and actually picks up the phone to call me I think there is something “weird” with him. Clearly by picking up the phone and dialing my number this guy must be some kind of social loser, as he doesn’t know dating protocol – you need to text me for 2 to 3 weeks before we actually meet in person. The most amusing thing about the pre-date texting build up is the post-date texting drop off. You could be texting a guy for a week or two (several times a day mind you ) and then after meeting nothing…now I admit I am guilty of this as well, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong.

    The only thing more annoying about text messaging potential matches is the men who want to be my texting “pen pal.” There are men who will drag out meeting in person for weeks, but they will text you everyday all day long. This texting method drives me nuts. Why are you sending me a text message at 10:30 AM on a Tuesday, but can’t make plans to meet already? We don’t know each other; I am not going to text you during my work day. It has gotten so bad that I have mandated a rule for the “pen pal” matches – two weeks, that’s all you get – after that if you haven’t made plans to meet up we are done and this chick is moving on. The irony is that I usually send a text to let them know they have been given the axe.

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