Baby, it’s cold outside!

(*Note to reader, the following blog entry was meant to be posted in January. I apologize for the delay*)

Unless you have retreated to a vacation destination or live on a small tropical island near the equator, mother nature has decided to put most of this country on ice this winter. The temperatures have been hovering well below zero and as a result layering up is a must. Kate, like most of us, is seeking shelter from the freezing temperatures, endless snowstorms, and has (much to my dismay) been in hibernation this winter. I can’t say that I completely blame her. It is difficult enough to venture out to do the bare necessities of life these days like work, school, and grocery shopping. The idea of layering up (sweater, boots, hats, gloves and more) to go on yet another date with a stranger seems like down right insanity. I must admit that I have been in no mood to venture out of the house once I’ve made it home. It is no surprise at all that Kate’s feelings about the weather are mutual. At some point, spring will come and hopefully bear cub Kate will come out of hibernation.



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