It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Chemistry!

Despite Kate’s best efforts to feel that “thing”, those butterflies in your stomach, heart pounding, I cannot wait to see you, get a text from you, a phone call from you, that spark that can happen between two people that connect – i.e. Chemistry –it is not mixing well.  There just does not seem to be the right amount of chemistry between Kate and her dates. Guy P is just not working out. It’s unfortunate because Kate cannot really pinpoint or identify anything particularly bad about Guy P.  Guy P is good on paper and presents well in person, however, despite there more than a handful of encounters…ZIP.

Where is the chemistry?!  Now, ladies we all know what we think we like in a man, but the reality is if there is no chemistry even the most ideal man will not measure up.  If it were an exact science, sites like online dating and profiles would be easy to navigate.  Sometimes I think it’s amazing anyone finds each other.  However, the greatest experiments take time to perfect.

To be fair, in the interest of disclosure, Kate was crushing on a boy she met in the real world while dating Guy P. This may or may not have had an affect on her interest on her dates with Guy P.  With that being said, I really was hoping that the real world guy was it. He displayed a genuine interest in her life and they had consistent communication about personal and professional topics. Unfortunately, to Kate (and my) horror – he has a gf. Very disappointing! All the signals and dare I say – chemistry – was there.

As we near the end of the year, we will be heading back to the drawing board.

Kate, we will march forward and continue to find you the right date!


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