The Search Continues (Katie Kate)

Since my first date with “P” in October, we have been on three, yes THREE, dates!  It sounds more exciting than it really is.  I’ll briefly explain each one because there is not much detail to get into.  The second date was a casual evening enjoying dinner on the river and while the scenery was nice, it was about 50 degrees outside.  We continued the night by strolling down main street of a quaint little town and stopping in some of the shops.  The final stop was a Starbucks where we sat some more while sipping on coffee.  “P” walked me to my car afterwards and although it was only the second date, I still initiated a hug goodbye, no kiss yet.

I guess the second date went ok because we decided to meet again.  This time, I tried to think of something other than dinner and drinks, so suggested the movies.  While I would have loved a romantic love story or comedy like “Best Man Holiday”, “P” offered that we see “Captain Phillips”.  Let me just tell you, that is a pretty intense movie for a third date.  Is it ok to cry?, Do you hold hands through the shooting scenes?  Should I have curled up in his arms as the pirates took over the ship?  NO!  I sat there feeling like I was going to have a heart attack, it was that intense.  Needless to say, we didn’t do much talking that night and I drove nearly an hour to sit in a movie theater, but it was the least I could do since he did the same on the other two dates.

Now comes the fourth date, you would think so far success, right?  “P” asked if I had anything in mind for our next encounter, but I gave him the chance to come up with an idea this time.  He then asked if I have even been ice skating.  Yah, about twenty years ago…this should be interesting.  Well I give in and end up meeting him at the ice skating rink, after all, it is a cute idea for a guy to think of.  I was a little nervous to hit the ice, but after we got going, I think I did better than he did.  As we were skating in circles trying not to fall, I couldn’t help but watch all of the teenage couples holding hands, laughing, while we barely made conversation.  At this point I realize, I need someone who is a little more aggressive, more talkative, etc., because I too am shy at first and reserved, so need that balance to pull my inner goddess out of me.  I’m slowly starting to reduce the amount of communication, which of course is only limited to text.  Another point to add, I paid for 2 out of the 4 dates.

On another note, I found out last week that the hottie who I sit next to in class and have a crush on, has a girlfriend.  I really want to give all of you the fairy tale ending story, but so far I’m 0 for 5.


One thought on “The Search Continues (Katie Kate)

  1. Well last year I asked Santa for a boyfriend for Christmas – and that is no joke. Last year in New York City I spoke with a street Santa Claus collecting for the Salvation Army and I asked him for a boyfriend for Christmas. I guess I haven’t been doing something right cause Santa told me if I treat a man right I should have no trouble catching and keeping a man, Santa followed this sound advice with a wink and a smile – I always knew deep down that jolly fat man was a sick freak…I wonder if Mrs. Claus knows about Santa’s kinkiness??

    I am taking kinky street Santa’s advice this year and plan on treating my Friday night match date, “Jerry” very well. Jerry is a 28-year-old IT guy who lives a little more than an hour away from me, he meets none of my initial criteria when looking for a match: he’s short, he’s younger than me, he lives more than 50 miles away, and he’s a Giant’s fan, but all that aside, he seems like a nice guy, so Jerry made it through round one. Jerry plans to drive up from Newark, DE in order to take me out on a proper date, he describes himself as traditional and while I don’t consider myself traditional I am going to let Jerry take the lead and see where it takes me. I get tired of being the person that plans everything so I am looking forward to seeing what Jerry has planned for our night out. Who knows if all goes well maybe I will invite him in for a little hot coco afterwards 😉

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