Gone Fishin’

Kate, fully equipped with her yellow wellies, hat, and fishing line has cast her pole into the river. She has been patient – which is not easy – but she has caught some fish! It still remains to be seen, if the fish she has “caught” need to be thrown back.  Some fish, as handsome, funny, or interesting they may be are just not the right fish to take home for dinner.  To date, my amazing friend, Kate, has dated baldy, shorty, and now GUY X.2.   Kate having cast a wide net in the dating pool, has also taken interest in a friend-of-a-friend situation – although most of the conversations have been through text.  She doesn’t even know what he looks like. However, it will be interesting if they keep on chatting and if and when they finally meet – sparks could fly?! Wouldn’t that be nice?  Trying to attract as many fish as possible with her “bait”, Kate has also been exercising her flirting muscles not only in the virtual world of the online arena but in the real world too.  There is a cute fish that Kate has slowly luring into her net! Hopefully, that fish will take the bait!  Fisherwoman Kate (hopefully) will be able to come ashore soon.


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