Another Date in the Life of Kate…

Let’s see, where did I leave off?  I’m sure you’re sitting around wondering what adventurous, exciting dating life does Kate have now.  Well let me make you wait no longer.  I gave shorty a second chance because I thought he deserved another date before completely blowing him off.  Once again, I didn’t wear heels.  I must say, it was a delightful evening, something I would have loved to experience with a guy who I am really into.  We started with an early dinner and when finished, he asked if I would like to continue the night by getting some coffee, so sweet!  But I couldn’t help to feel awkward as we stood anxiously waiting in the line at Starbucks; just kept telling myself, he’s not that short, he’s not that short.  This is where the tall girl dilemma comes into play.  It’s a shame to lose a man, continue the search, all because you were born with long limbs and apparently no guys were.  Or so it seems. 

So while I do not have the nerve yet to tell shorty it’s not going to work out, I proceeded to FINALLY go out with my last online prospect.  From the pictures he looks normal and pretty cute as a matter of fact, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up because we all know that I was fooled by pictures before.  Our conversations on the phone went well and I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.  We met for dinner and he let me know that he was sitting at a table behind the bar.  When I showed up I slowly walked around looking at every man sitting down until I realized which one was him.  I always love the moment when you first introduce yourselves and every other table stares at you like they’ve never been on a first date.  The date takes off and I actually had a good time.  First impressions were good and of course he does not have as much hair as in the pictures, but I keep reminding myself that I cannot be too picky, those days need to be over!  Then I find out he is an only child and again I think this is a deal breaker for someone like me who always dreamt of having a large family to join my own, but again I have to snap out of it and realize that is the worst excuse for not giving someone a chance.  Needless to say I would agree to go on another date with him.  He asked if I would like to get together when I get back from Vegas…I said yes, unless of course I get hitched to an Elvis impersonator in a chapel.


2 thoughts on “Another Date in the Life of Kate…

  1. I don’t know Baby Kate seems to me these dates of yours are going pretty well. I think that we could have a battle of bad dates and I would win every time! For example…let me tell you about “Steve.”

    Steve was a 32-year-old accountant I met on Steve was great on paper – doing well at work, owned his own home, has an MBA, and looking for a serious relationship. After a few weeks of email, text, and phone calls we were ready to meet and I couldn’t wait!

    Steve had planed a visit to The Constitution Center in Center City, Philadelphia, we were going to see the Prohibition exhibit – it was a great first date activity. I made sure to arrive about 5 minutes ahead of time to make sure I wouldn’t miss meeting this gem of a man! After a second of searching the lobby I spotted him and as soon as I saw him I had a sinking feeling in my gut – this is not the guy I was supposed to be meeting. The man I was meeting was supposed to be 5’10 this guy was barely 5’6!! I had been duped! Height aside I was determined to keep an open mind and did end up having a good time. After walking around the exhibit we had lunch, where he paid, and then he asked to walk me home, so all in all I wanted to see him again.

    A week goes by and Steve and I continue to communicate and even make plans to go on another date. The nights leading up to our next date Steve stops all communication – no texts, no emails, no calls. We were supposed to be meeting up for dinner and a movie and all of a sudden the man who couldn’t stop texting me was nowhere to be found. I decided enough was enough and called him out on his shit. When I asked him what the deal is he apologized immediately and told me what was going on…he just found out his ex-girlfriend is preggers and she doesn’t know who the father is, and of course he was a potential candidate!! As you can imagine Steve and I never seemed to reconnect after that!

  2. Well my friend EBK, I have been slacking on the post updates, but mainly because the lucky streak has slowly come to an end…it sounds like you may have hit a rough patch, but I have a feeling a very jolly old man has more in store for you this holiday season. Maybe a Secret Santa;) Ladies, we are in this together and just like all of the other lucky ones out there who found someone early in life, we deserve true love.

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