Kate’s Date (from Kate’s Perspective)

Hi, it’s me Kate!  Wow, three weeks, 2 days and 24 hours later…ok it may not be that exact, but we have definitely made some progress.  With two scheduled dates and more prospects in the horizon, I am learning to let nature take its course.  My first goal is to not go in there with too many expectations, thinking this HAS to be the guy I marry.  Because if that is the case, then I think I will be disappointed with my future husband.

Date #1 (with baldy) took place.  At first I was excited, conversation online and the phone went well, but all of a sudden after the date was scheduled, I see online that he posted pictures of himself without any hair.  Now while I was one to get hung up on looks in the past, I have come along way and finally realize that looks aren’t everything.  Or maybe they are, because clearly I’m still single.  I was more frustrated that the guy reeled me in and then wanted me to see the real him, so that I wasn’t searching long and hard at the restaurant for a man with a lot of hair. 

Let’s get to the date part.  Well to start the night, I saw him walk over to an older woman sitting at the bar who was clearly with someone else.  He embarrassingly asked if her name was Kate and when she said no, I had to walk up and introduce myself.  Already the awkward moment when everyone knows that we’re on our first date.  During dinner, he was easy to talk to and was generous enough to pick up the tab, which I am very traditional when it comes to a guy paying on the first date.  Overall, I decided he was harmless and agreed to go out with him again.

In the meantime, I was communicating with another online prospect and finally got to the point of scheduling a date with him.  However, I wasn’t looking forward to this date as much.  So far I knew that he was 2 inches shorter than me ( a big no no), and he relied on text messaging, never picking up the phone to call.  Well it came time for our Friday night date and when I showed up, he was waiting there with flowers in hand.  How sweet!  Regardless of height, he changed my attitude towards him.  While talking during dinner, he there were no awkward moments and I liked him even more than date #1.  However, I have yet to hear from him other than a text that he enjoyed his left over salad.

Stay tuned for more insight into my dating life and to find out which man, if any, will be the love of my life!


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