Anxious to get started already!

Amanda consistently keeps me on my toes to continue pursuing these online…and now real life…prospects.  She texted me today to see if her “bugging” me was helpful.  I replied yes, but just like it’s difficult to date because of my busy work schedule, it is also difficult to keep up with her assignments and constant notifications of who is responding to my questions.  She continues to wonder when do we get to the dating stage?!  First of all, I have to remind her that there is no WE, I am on my own when it comes to the physical dating scene.  But with the prospects so far, I am hopeful that I will soon get to the next level of meeting in person.

Yes, there are some potential mates in my graduate class, but for some reason it is much more intimidating to strike up a conversation in between listening to the professor lecture for three hours.  And not only do you have to initiate a convo, in order for this to be your future soul mate, you need to make him stick, permanently.  For now, I am happy with the progress Amanda and I have made, so far we make a good team.


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