Let’s not forget their are men in the real world too

I am excited to report that Kate and I agreed on at least two of the four men that I suggested. We were both excited about GUY #1. Kate sent GUY #1 some questions but no word back yet. I hope he responds. The eharmony website does not make it easy to identify who has sent you questions. It would be a bummer if GUY #1 missed seeing my awesome chica, Kate.

Kate has started graduate classes this week. She has reported that there are actually some REAL LIFE prospects. The ironic thing is that she is not sure if she stands a chance. Ridiculous. Let’s not forget that men exist in the real world not just the virtual world. Odd that it seems more intimidating to meet someone where you already have something in common, like a class versus the online world where all you have is a picture and a brief description. I guess in the online world you already know that everyone has a sign that says “I’m Single, looking to mingle.” But why not go for that cute guy in class? Whether it is real world or the virtual world dating is hard.


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