Kate says, “And I jumped in…”

Whew, this is exhausting!  The idea of “Operation Date My Friend Kate” all sounded fantastic until it was time to actually put our idea to the test.  As the experiment, this all seemed exciting at first; however is slowly becoming discouraging.  Amanda stated it perfectly, we’re all looking for instant gratification with the click of a button, but is that really the right way to find love?  Amanda and I have different tastes in the opposite sex, therefore I wasn’t sure if I could trust her pick of the litter.  So far, she has proven me wrong.  All of these years I weaved out many good ones, only to think that prince charming would come along.  Perhaps I should have opened my eyes and taken advantage of what was presented to me.  Now it’s a matter of looking at a few pictures and words about someone in order to feel if he’s “the one”.  I completed my homework assignment by responding and reaching out to 2 out of 4 of Amanda’s top picks.  Tomorrow is another day, hopefully soon I will be revealing the details of one, two or even three dates.


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