Let the Games Begin

Kate has informed me that “she is getting a lot of action.” Online action. I’m not sure what that entails, but I’m excited for her.  A good sign given, her profile is still only half way done.   As I further delve into this “online action”, it seems impossibly tedious and boring. You receive an email, wherein the prospective mate asks you more questions. Of course, it’s logical to want to know more about someone, but how uninviting (at least at first blush). It certainly isn’t the same as meeting someone and seeing them in 3D.  Hearing that person’s voice, seeing if you can engage in flirtatious banter, checking them out all fundamentals in the “fun” of the dating game.  I suppose you are meeting a stranger online – so you do need to weed out the crazies, hence all the questions.

We live in such an online world where we expect to be satisfied instantly. A click of a button, we have that perfect sweater. Online Dating, I am discovering is a lot more intensive and taxing than online shopping. Besides, who knows if you will find the “perfect” sweater. More to the point, will I be able to find Kate the perfect sweater?


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