It is rough out there ladies.  I have many single, smart, and sexy friends, who are looking for a relationship, a partner, a co-pilot. Looking for love with a full-time job, night school, family, friends and all the other obligations of adulthood is harder than finding a job in this recession!  My best friend, Kate, and I were discussing her dating endeavors in the last year only to discover the lack of dating she has done.  Kate, has signed up for with lackluster results or interest in using the website. After all, it’s a lot of work to look for love online with an already demanding full-time job.  This is where this blog was born (along with drinking some cocktails and half-seriousness, half-joking).  As her best friend, Amanda, who wants nothing more than to see her best friend happy, I told her let me look for your dates online and control your dating profile. I mean who better to find you a man but your best friend! Of course, if I knew of the right, single guy, I would have set her up by now.  This way I get to be the matchmaker or at least test out this experiment in living. 


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